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I am 20 years old and recently had my tonsils and adenoids removed and also had a deviated septum fixed. I was put on liquid narcotics for pain (demerol) and was still in excruciating pain. I couldnt be left alone for at least a week and could not miss a single dose of pain killers because if I did it took at least 3 or 4 to catch up.. which are 4 hours apart, and 12 or more hours of pain is not fun. It has almost been 3 weeks since my surgery and I am still in pain, and will return to work in a couple of days (although I dont think I'm ready). I am only taking liquid tylenol for pain right now because such strong pain killers are making me sick. It seems I am only having pain on one side of my throat now, along with really bad headaches, neck and ear pain only on that same side. Before my surgery I had a really bad throat infection and most of the swelling and pain was on the side that isnt seeming to heal very well, so maybe that is why I was and still am in so much pain. My personal experience in the pain department was horrible and my Dr. warned me before. I was also put on steroids for inflamation and also nausea and as soon as my last dose wore off I spent the day throwing up so be sure you have meds from your dr for nausea. Also, the first 3 days are bearable and then the 4th day is really painful and then it seems to slack off until the 7 - 10th days, and then it gets really bad again. My dr also told me to expect good and bad days around the times that I did. He explained everything very well so I knew exactly what to expect and when to expect it. If you do have the surgery, be sure to have someone who can be there with you the first few days and also allow yourself enough time to heal before returning to work.