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You guys are the BEST!!! THANK YOU so much! I am so very touched by your kindness and thoughtfulness, God bless each and everyone of you!

Okay, and now for the details you all must be dying to hear:
This surgery was an absolute BREEZE! They gave me Versaid (sp?) before hand, so I was out like a light before they wheeled me into surgery..very nice and good for the nerves. When I woke up my chief complaint was that I felt the need to pee. They said I had a catheter (sp?), but I wanted them to remove it and let me go on my own. LOL Naturally, they did not accomodate me. The discomfort I felt was exactly like a very mild period. They gave me morphine once automatically and then I felt no pain at all. Eight hours later I started to notice very mild cramps and Bob suggested I start pain meds before it could increase. So I did and I will tell you that morphine burns like heck going into the IV, so don't don't be surprised if ever you get some and that happens. After that second dose I never experienced anymore pain at all! I haven't had to take anything since I've been home either! I remember the nurses were mystified at how well I was doing and at the fact that I wasn't at all uncomfortable. No fever, no bowel trouble, no pain at all...even when the bowels reactivated! It's amazing! I FEEL GREAT! I got to keep my ovaries, but did have a big cyst on the right one that had to be drained.

What can I say....it went amazingly well! Panik: I recommend that you ask your doctor about the things my doctor had me do since they seem to work so very well. One week before surgery start on Zelnorm 2x times daily. Two days before surgery eat light. The night before use an enema and a betadine douche. Do the same the morning of your surgery and take Zantac with just a sip of water to avoid acid/heart burn from the anesthesia. Request Versaid as soon as possible to relax you before surgery. After surgery accept morphine or demerol ASAP. Walk &/or sit in a chair ASAP. Do your breathing exercise often to avoid congestion. Begin and continue a stool softener in addition to the Zelnorm for one month after surgery. OH, and 1 week prior to surgery drink 64 ounces of water every day, continue afterwards as well. That first BM is supposed to be a real doosie, but if you are well hydrated you will have no problems....mine didn't hurt a bit and happened just 3 days after surgery!

I am not having any breakthrough pain, but if you do your doctor will have given you something like Darvocet...try Naproxen or something like it first though...the anti-inflammatory meds are often helpful and do not constipate like narcotics. If needed, you CAN take them both.

Any finally, anyone facing this surgery should have it done vaginally if at all possible......it is marvelous at keeping discomfort to a minimum! I FEEL GREAT!

I'll let you know the pathology as soon I know something. Thanks again for everything you guys...you are the best. I'll be back soon, but am gonna rest for now...I do get tired even though I am so very comfortable.