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The scope was fine. My doctor removed 2 small polyps which he indicated were benign, although the pathology report isn't back yet. He also found an internal hemmorhoid a few inches in, and this was the source of the bleeding. I had absolutely convinced myself that I was in trouble. What a relief.

The procedure itself is a snap. Right before they started they gave me Versed and Demerol and I honestly have no memory at all of the scope. I was awake enough to talk with my doctor in the recovery area, but my wife has told me parts of the conversation that I cannot remember. I was asleep the rest of the day. It seems foolish to call it a pleasant experience, but the drugs really relax you and there was positively no pain or discomfort at all.

The prep the day before wasn't particularly enjoyable, but I'd say it was no more than slightly unpleasant. The stuff I drank was called Nulytely. It was "lemon-lime", or at least it was supposed to be. It reminded me of drinking alka-seltzer, but saltier. It doesn't taste great but it wasn't horrible. I had to drink a fair amount, which was probably the most irritating thing. It started to work in about 45 minutes. Once you start going, you'll need to stay close to the toilet. I had eaten very lightly the day before, and this may have helped. There were no cramps or anything, the stuff basically just runs right through you. I would advise using some vaseline around your anus, because you'll do a lot of wiping.

I'm vastly relieved that everything was ok. Obviously the wait and fear of the unknown was really hard. Trust me when I say that the test itself, from prep to finish, was a lot easier than I had expected. I hope everything goes well for you, and I'm sure it will. Please post back and let me know how you're doing.