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Not sure of spelling, myleogram any one have any suggestions? ns wants to do double, to check lumbar & cervical. I have heard really bad things related to pain & myleogram, any suggestions ???? just saw him today, he is the one who did my surgery 10 yrs ago, he said " your MRI looks terrible" what a diagnosis!!
I need encouragement & prayers please.
Sadie Holland

hi Sadie, Had one in 85. My experience was a bad one, done by under educated, under experienced, military doctors. If you are not sure what it is, I'm sure you have heard the term spinal tap. Well its not what it sounds like and I'm sure they have improved techniques since mine was done. Anyway, while on an xray table they push dye into your spinal canal and tip you which ever way they want the dye to go. There is no pain involved at all and its all very interesting watching what they are doing on an xray screen. Once the dye has reached its spot they take photos of the area, looking for nerve impingement and damage.
The hard part comes after the procedure when they make you sit up in bed and drink water till you can no longer drink. Then drink some more (4 liters an hour). This is all to flush the dye from your system. In my case they put way too much dye in (overdose) and it migrated into the cranial cavity resulting in a headache like no other (it felt like being hit in the head with a hammer every time your heart beats). Four days of demerol shots every three hours later, I woke up to tylonol and more headache. I remained in hospital for another three days, then lyed my way out and got rid of the headache with a glass of rum. I understand that today its only used as a last ditch effort to find damage. Not often used since MRIs came about. I'm sure my case is an exception to the rule and as I said the actual procedure is nothing, save the drinking marathon. Alot of people will not take it due to stories like mine. I have spoken directly with many people who've had the procedure without a hitch. So if they can't find the problem any other way and you want to be sure theres no nerve damage, don't be afraid to go for it, as I do understand that it is a great diagnostic tool. My suggestion would be to go for it, and if the Radiologist looks like he just got out of school, RUN AWAY. Good luck and I hope I didn't scare you away. :D