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hey DCV, it was nice of you to respond to me with your history. I too am a vet, from Feb, 1975 to 79. Luckily, Nam was winding down and our people were comming home, instead of still going over there. But at 18, I was stupid enough to WANT to go there. My older brother was 101st Airborne and he saw alot of action over there , mosly doing week-long S & D missions. I deceided to keep my feet on the Ground and was 11 Bravo, Straight-leg. I did time at fort ORD, CAL and 2 years in Germany at Weisbaden Air Base ( Near Frankfort ).

I am glad to hear you are down to just 2 perks (Is that correct ??? ). Are you still gonna wean, or just take the final plundge and Cold Turkey it.???.
I had 2 back sugeries and before too long I too, went from the Vikes to the oxys. ( Final tally was 40 mg. 3 times a day) with Oxy I R for breakthrough pain, up to 75 ug/h on the Fentanal Patches. But I was pretty good at B.S,'ing the docs, so I had Duplicate scriptsfor everything, even 30 day scripts of the 50ug/h and 75ug/h patches. For quite awhile there I was going wild taking whatever ,without keeping track. I even sliced open the 75 ug/h patches and eating and sucking down the 72 hour med all at onced. That would litteraly knock right to the floor with the rush and sometimes I couldn't get back up for hours. My wife would come home from work and find me laying on the floor thinking I had O D'ed and was dead. Yet it still took alot of arguing and threats of divoice, before I went to the Pain Specialist and told him the truth. One look at me ( I was on a 7 day binge at the time, no showers and no shaving) and he somewhat insisted I volunteer to go straight into the hospital where he was affiliated with and start a detox immediately. The hospital wasn't too far from his office, so by the time I staggered in to the reception office, he had called ahead and made all the arrangements with the staff and in-house Pain Specialists Imust of scared some of the other patients waiting for surgery.I didn't care. I was laughing at everything, talking to myself, and doing the Irish gig. they put me in a wheelchair and put me in ICU the first night They hit me up with a shot of Demerol to shut me up and knock me out. Ispent 5 days there being trated very nicely by the staff, and the doctors would come in every 8 hrs. and give me a methadone cocktail. I did alot of sleeping the first 3 days, but by the 4th day I was feeling normal ,taking showers and shaving. By the 5th day, still getting my "cocktail" I never did find out what else was in it besides the meth. I was feeling great with no desire for opiates. On the morning of the 6th day, I was dicharged and given a script For a 5 day wean down off the meth.It sll worked like a charm and now I am at about 50 something days without a opiate and I don't even crave for them. !!!

Well I realized this post is turning into a book, so I'll go for now. w post back and we will talk some more....

Take Good Care, DCV