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Congratulations! I have an 18-month-old and a 35-month-old and they are the joy of my life. Now, I don't know anything about ultram, but I am not sure if you were not taking that during the time you were pregnant or right before? If so, I would discuss that with your doctor. The hydros are fine. It seems like opiates are okay, as long as you don't take an ibuprofen (weird huh)! (but then when you are breastfeeding, ibuprofen are okay) I even had the stomach flu really bad during my last pregnancy and my obgyn was giving me demerol shots! After birth while I was breastfeeding, they gave me percocets for the cramping. BTW, certain things are fine to take when you are pregnant, but not when you are breastfeeding, and vice-versa. Anyway, except for checking on the ultram issue, don't worry about 2 vicodin es' at all. I just remembered that my obgyn gave me ambien while I was pregnant. I think, though that benzodiazapines (xanax, valium, etc.) could be bad, but I am assuming you're telling us everything you took. Good luck!! You are embarking on an exciting and wonderful journey