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Does the abnormal bone scan on his head make sense with chemical poisoning? The doctor said the bone builds up and breaksdown continually and my dad's is doing it more than it should - hence them thinking he has inflammation or infection. Problem is the MRI does not confirm this. They think his anemia (shrink cells are a result of what is going on up there). However, they haven't confirmed anything. He is still waiting to see the neurosurgeon. He has also been admitted back in to the hospital because of his headaches. They are now giving him shots of demerol. He had some sort of test where they went down his throat to look at his stomach and they are doing a spinal tap tomorrow. There can't be too many more tests that they can run on him. I have spoken to my dad and asked him to ask the doctor about the chemical poisoning. Someone else has suggested to my dad that he request to see a hemotologist.