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Since, my MRI was of my brain and cervical spine, would the images show my entire neck or just c-spine? I assumed that it would be of my entire neck, but I wasn't sure. I have some symptoms of poor circulation to my head(fainting, facial/scalp numbness, constantly lightheaded), so I'm hoping they will be able to see if there is a blockage or something.
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I would think as long as the doctor knew those symptoms that he/she ordered the test they thought would be best for you. I know mine were done at two different times. I don't remember which one was done first. I had had a really bad headache where I couldn't walk a straight line and felt as if I was getting slammed in the forehead with awful waves of dizziness. My left eye also went very blurry for about 3 days. I kept bumping into the wall. I went to the ER and of course they gave me a shot of nubain and an antinausea medication. The doctor ordered an MRI and then had me see a neurologist. He thought I had a stroke. I am only 34 years old, but was on a birth control pill. So, the neurologist also ordered an MRI of whatever didn't get done the first time. Everything came back normal so they figured it was the birth control pills and diagnosed as migraines. They thing the blurred vision was from the nubain because that didn't start until after that shot. Funny thing is I am still getting the migraines though no wall bumping dizziness and I had to stop taking the pill. I still get lightheaded sometimes, but it was a scary thing to go through. The nubain also caused vomitting despite the anti-nausea medicine. Demerol does the same thing to me.