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Why would you let someone else pick a place for you to de-tox from.??? You are an adult. And I gather, by your Job and your postings, a very intelligent and resourceful one at that. As I've told you before, there are alot of places, especially in So. Cal. Talk to people you trust at the meetings. Ask them for recomendations. Ask your Doctors for theirs. Some may be affiliated with hospitals that do it, and may even visit you there. Mine did.!!! And when you have all this information, call the places up or even take a ride over there to check it out yourself. Speak with the counselors and Doctors that will be treating you. Ask them to explain their entire treatment plan and aftercare. Ask them how well your complaints or fears will be satisfied. There are always resident doctors on the premises. Make sure your attending Physican has everything you might need to take, already written down in your chart. Yes, there may be small, hole-in-the-wall kinda places out there, that are "old school. So What.! You just don't go to them.! But, nowadays, there are soo many legit, clean, and confortable places, including Regular University Hospitals, that will treat you with respect, and ease any W/D symtoms
you may have. Since it is soo short of a time period, they will give you medication, like clonidine or whatever else you need to be confortable enough to stick it out. And they will allow you to take any of your medications that you presently proscribed, as long as there are no opiates . They will handle that end for you. I told you before, I was even given small dose shots of Demerol, when I had too much anxiety and nervousness to sleep the first and second night. By the third day, " I " was not even asking for it anymore. The Meth Cocktail and the Colindine (the one that lowers your Blood Pressure.???) were good enough to keep me happy and let me sleep solidly at night.!!!
And most importantly of all---- you sign yourself in and can leave at anytime you wish.! That was a "Big Factor" in my deceision making.!!!! If anybody ever did "anything" against your will, they know they could be sent off to jail, and you would sue the Pants off them.

Believe me, Rosie. I had very similar fears as you do. But it ain't that way anymore in the respectable places. I had visiting previlages all day and night. I could get out of bed and stroll around the wing. And when I wanted to, I would just let the nurse know that I was going downstairs to the caferteria or gift shop, to get whatever I wanted...Hell, the 4th and 5th day, I was even wearing my blue jeans and sneakers and the hospital robe. They "want you" to be as comfortable as possible. Thats part of your treatment too.! They trust, you will not cheat by taking unauthorized pills, because the only one you are cheating on, is yourself.

This could be a Great Opportunity for you to get past the hardest part of the W/D's. Its up to your own will-power to take it from there. But, you must have the strongest desire to quit. I did, and it worked out sooo well..... Just don't let "Fear" stop you.! Only you will know when you are ready. Don't let anyone push you into it. I would advise you to check out the regular hospitals first. Ask for their Pain Specialists or detox floor. The more you know, the less frightful it will be......

Sorry, me Lady. For going on sooo much about this. I lose my sense of humor, and turn real serious like, when I see someone who I care about and believe in, sooo close to taking that first important step back to a normal, healthy lifestyle.! Not all are as fortunate as you to be in this position and able to take advantage of it.... Hell, if you want, I'll even fly out there and visit you to keep you smiling, laughing, and safe......

( Alot Better ) Kinda.