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Oh yea. I hear ya. I would never want to be sick again or have that kinda tax on my family. But the wisdom teeth procedure itself involves a Demerol drip. I am scared that even if I use the drugs right it will be too soon and I will get sick again when I stop taking them. I would never want the bottle myself, I would get my wife to give them to me properly..but still. It is scary. The teeth hurt, they have to come out but I am afraid it will be too soon. But I guess it is hard to say when too soon is.
Ok, in 4th day of no pills or almost 5th day from last dose. Feel good. Mainly just my legs a little sore, little weak and treatable insomnia. I got 8 hours last night with sleepinol and NyQuil. Still scared about the wisdom teeth pulling and that is causing the only anxiety I have. Scared that it is too close to recovery day. Afraid that demerol drip will cause withdraws all over again when it wears off. Could you imagine withdraws right after a tooth pulling? Even if I did not take the pain pills they gave me (properly) or tried Vioxx, I dont see how I can get out of the IV. The teeth are badly damaged and have to be cut out.