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I had my surgery on Tuesday (two level ACDF with cages). According to my doctor, the surgery went great. I spent a little longer in recovery than anticipated and then back to my room. I did have that groggy "hit by a truck" feeling and then I started throwing up. And I kept throwing up. I had more nurses and doctors in my room than I have even seen in my life just trying to get me to stop throwing up. They thought it was a really bad reaction to the anesthesia, then after it hung on for so long they thought it might be from the demerol they were giving me for pain. I don't think I have ever been so miserable in my life as I was that first day. It would stop for an hour or so just to get me off guard, then start again. My poor husband. He was really great. I could hardly move, but when I felt it coming, I could almost sit straight up and lean over. This was no little "spitting in the tiny emesis basin and being a lady", this was "step aside and give me the bucket". It lasted almost 24 hours exactly. Then I was just sore. The NS kept telling me that I was gonna be more sure than normal because of all the heaving and moving so early on, so he prepared me for that. Once that ended, I felt so much better. Still sore, but not necessarily weak. I walked to the bathroom that night with help and by myself the next day. They took my catheter out immediatly after surgery, if I had known what was coming I would have asked to keep it in for awhile. I got to walk to the shower and wash my hair at about 26 hours post op. The inside of my throat was sore, but not terribly, so I could swallow almost any food except bread if I took small bites. I didn't feel like a golf ball in my throat, but I did feel like I had to force myself to swallow. I think part of that was the collar. I have a soft collar, that the NS said was for my comfort to wear or not. I take it off to eat now, and swallowing is much easier as long as I stick to small bites. My neck is pretty sore right now, but not terrible. I feel like it is being pulled forward; I'm sure this is from leaning toward the incision to keep from hurting it. This puts more pressure on the back of my neck because I'm holding it at a funny angle. My incision is about 4 inches long and looks pretty good right now. He did one running stitch down in so you really only see a line and some black thread. He also had steri-strips running across it the entire length of the incision. When they changed my dressing the next day, the nurse removed the steri-strips. It hurt like (insert cuss word here)! I thought it was gonna rip right open then and there but she finally got them all off. When he came later in the day to talk to me he said for me to change the dressing every day and clean the incision with peroxide but to leave the steri-strips alone. I said they're off. He said "No, they stay on until I see you again in about a week" I said "They're off already". When he finally got it his eyebrows shot up and he said "They're off? Who took them off and why would they do that?" I did have a student nurse, but I heard her ask if she should take them off and someone said yes. He was not at all happy about that and didn't know why they would take them off. I feel quite sure someone got chewed out when he left my room. He did gain his composure enough to smile at me and say "I'll bet that hurt!" He left it up to me to stay another night or go home so I went home. His instructions were "No bending, turning, pushing, pulling, lifting or driving".

I actually slept last night from 11pm-6am then got up and took a Lortab 7.5, and a muscle relaxer and went back to sleep until almost 12 today. I feel much better. My neck still feels very stiff but it is a muscle stiffness in the back. My incision doesn't hurt that much unless I move or pull on it too much. The dressings are killing me. That tape loves my neck. I've tried three different kinds and they all pull my skin off. I'm not old (ok, it's a matter of opinion, I'm 40!) and my skin is not thin or weak, but that tape is sticky!!! If anyone has any hints about getting that sticky off, I'd love to hear them. Alcohol helps a little, but it burns a lot. I finally made the dressing about twice as large last night so I could tape it further away and let that skin rest. It leaves it kind of baggy though.

He sent me home with Lortab 7.5 and Soma 350. I had Lortab 5 and Skelaxin before. He also gave me a refill on both of them which I don't really expect to need. I'm hoping that the worst is over and the rest of my recovery will be uneventful. Thanks for all your help and support through this.