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This question made me think.....I was on pills so long, I forgot how it all started. Well Im 22 now, when I was 15, my boyfriend (who's dad is a doctor) gave me a 10mg ambien, I have NEVER done any kind of drug up until this point. I like the way the ambien made me feel, the hallucinations and all. After that, I broke my arm in a car accident, and was prescribed Vicodin (im not sure the mg, because at that point in my life I was concerned) I took them as prescribed for pain. I realized that I like the way they made me feel, euphoric, yet energized. Peaceful. They made me nice, and could put me in a good mood immediately. After that bottle of 30 was gone, I would ask friends for some recreationally. I would use periodically at parties and stuff, but then at 17, I fell off a horse, and slipped a disc in my back. I was prescribed 60 lortabs. That lasted almost 2 weeks. I would call the doctor when I was out and he would fill them no questions asked. I started taking them all the time, even when I wasnt in pain. After a year of getting free refills, the doctor made me come in so that he could re evaluate my back injury. He told me that he didnt think it was necessary for me to take the lortab anymore, and that he was going to switch me to an anti inflamitory. I quickly switched doctors. I also found that I go just go to the ER and tell them I had just fell and pulled a muscle, and they would give me a demerol shot, and a vicodin prescription, this is a routine that I did almost weekly, going to 3 different hospitals, and now 7 years later, leaving me thousands of dollars in debt. in medical bills. At 21 years old, I was finally flagged by the state of Tx. I was no longer allowed to have narcotic prescriptions filled in my name, The state informed me that I had near 300 prescriptions for hydrocodone filled in my name since the age 17. I then started stealing, and asking everyone I knew for the pills. Now at 22 I am finally recovering, after 3 overdoses and 2 visits to rehabs......I have 2 months and 3 days clean....what a long, painful road I chose.....whats started out as a choice, ended in addiction