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Hey Hon, sorry to hear you're hurting, but I think I might have a good idea what your problem is....gallbladder and thyroid. I had hyperthyroid which caused the IBS type pains and most everything else you're going through. The pains that are under the ribs can be the gallbladder, the pain sometimes travels and can go into your back, ribs, wherever....sometimes the pain is more of an ache and then there are the ones that make you feel like a clydesdale wafflestomped you!!

That's the one that got me to the ER and after two demerol shots, I finally stopped crying and just quit moving...still hurt, then they did the ultrasound and I wanted to die. If you do this, I recommend setting it up when you're not in an attack, it makes you want to beat the technician!

Now, the thyroid.....get it checked and don't take "it's normal" for a final answer. Ask to see your test results. The TSH is at optimal functioning when it's between 1-2 and anything abouve or below that range can cause any number of symptoms that you're experiencing right now. Take a look on the thyroid board, there's tons of info on it! Hope this helps...I gotta go, kids are waking.