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As a person on MMT, I often scan this board for personal experiences of when a person has decided it's time go off their meth. I have to say that in reading this thread, it adds to my already existent fear of the end of my methadone maintenance therapy! Mine is far away yet, though, and I sense that you can do this without it being a horror story--you had the desire to quit the drugs, and so you can surely succeed at this, too--if you can be patient and resist the desire to "just be done with it!"

I am currently at 110 mgs. of liquid methadone daily, and what I've learned is that to better your chance of not relapsing when you're eventually off the meth, is to do a very, very slow taper, and although I understand your desire to be off of it, but the long-term success stories are ones of doing what the clinic and/or doctor tells you, and approach it slowly...very slowly. Slow and easy wins this race...

The clinic I go to puts the decision of when to go off of the meth totally in the patient's hands. When a person is ready to start going down, the dr. sets up a taper schedule and you do the best you can to follow it, by that I mean there are some days when you might not feel like going down, so you can tell them that and stay where you are until you're ready. By putting you in the driver's seat, so to speak, you are in control of your own withdrawal process as nobody but you knows how you are truly feeling both physically and mentally while tapering down.

When the time comes for me (which I anticipate will be in a couple of years), I will simply have to turn myself over to the clinic dr. and counselor and prepare to go thru a veeerrrryyyy slow taper. I see myself at the current age of 47 not actually being meth-free until at least my early 50's. There is a fellow in our clinic's group mtgs. who is on meth and is 19--he was addicted to demerol at the tender age of 13, and was stabilized at somewhere over 100 mgs. of meth for 4 yrs., and he has been going down for over 6 mths. now. I think he is also dropping 3 mgs. a day, and he is having a rather rough time of it on occasion, so he plays a game with himself when he goes in to dose...he tells them to not tell him what dose they're giving him! He doesn't want to know the numbers, only that he is going down. I guess that would be akin to a dieter not using a scale but simply going by how they feel and how their clothes fit. He is going be how he fits in his skin as he continues to drop...sometimes 1, or up to 3 mgs. a dose

I will say that without the meth, though, there was no way I could have quit what I was doing by myself, and I'm very glad you found a way to stop what you were doing. Meth can be a good thing as long as you truly follow dr's orders. I wish you well in your admirable and courageous act of leaving the meth behind.

Good luck & best wishes,