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I was put on demerol and dilaudid for a few days. Large doses for a bad injury. Then a month of Percocet. Then about 2.5 weeks of Xtra Strength Vicodin. I took 2 every 4 hours faithfully. I hated all of it. So I quit cold the second I felt that Ibuprofen would do the job. Then I had 4 days of sweating bullets for 15 seconds followed by freezing for the next 15. Terrible diarrhea. No sleep. No food could come near me. I lost serious weight. It has been 7 days now. IThe chills/sweats are gone. I can sleep a little better. My stomach and intestines are still pretty bad.
So.... how long until the guts clear up usually?
How can doctors give you this stuff for almost 2 months with no warnings about stopping? I had no idea. I thought you had to be an addict to go through such an experience. Was I?