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Quote from Twinlynn:
N8bo - I even thought what a fool I was at college to major in English instead of pre-med or something!!!.....and me playing tiddlywinks with my oxys--the "Golds" vs the Blues". :-) Lynn

Oh My Lynn!

I am roaring at your post...of course because you are so darn funny when you write, you always make me laugh :D , but the other reason is that I really did that...I took a minor in Medical Assisting for the very real reason of being able to be closer to meds! :rolleyes: I hadn't thought about it for a very long time until reading your post. Picture this...circa 1981, newlywed, at-home wife, 24 years old, Farrah Fawcett "winged" hair, and had been dabbling in pills now for about 6-7 years. There was a psychiatrist in town who was "the man" to go to who would literally nod off during your "session," and he'd give all his patients (20-something blonde chicks in bell bottoms and high heels, and yes, I was one of them...lol!) a shot of demerol, which he kept in a mini-fridge in his office, before we'd leave. The theory was that we'd probably incur a horrific headache while pouring out our young hearts and souls to this 60 or 70-something sleeping psychiatrist so we'd need it treated! OMG, the 70s and 80s, Disco...what did you do to me?! Anyway, out I'd walk with my...and this is true...I am not even kidding....are you ready?...ok, I'd walk out with...100 Quaaludes, 100 Valium and 100 Percodans A MONTH! I had trouble getting pharmacies to fill them until a pharmacist I met, who became my last boyfriend before meeting my husband (who was 12 years older than me and owned his own pharmacy!) He gave me "whatever, whenever!" Even the pharmaceutical cocaine which was kept underground in a safe that gave me the most clandestine feeling when we'd pull up in his black BMW, slip downstairs, I'd watch him and try to sneak a peek at the combination, try to memorize the distance between arm movements as he'd turn the dial, and one night a couple of cops stopped in because they saw the light on and knocked "just to check on everything," and I had to wait silently downstairs while he was up there talking to them...

I think of these things now and cannot believe my life...no wonder it got this bad, you know, it's weird but I haven't thought of this timeline of my life for a long, long time--almost as if it didn't happen or something? Well, to get back to the real point, after I got married, I got restless, (the pharmacist died of a heart condition...and he didn't even do any drugs, not even pot!) and I went back to school to get my degree. I was given the choice to add a legal or medical assistant minor to my Associates Degree in Administration (glorified secretay...or "token-chick" job, not to be confused with "tokin' chick job... :p ). So of course, combined with my knowledge in pharmaceuticals and my many days at home watching "General Hospital" the obvious choice was Medical! I graduated, got a job at an allergy clinic, found out I was unable to give people shots (never learned at school and just couldn't do it!), and have worked in real estate mostly ever since! But that addict thinking actually influenced my decision making to the point of affecting my college degree, I am shaking my head in disbelief at both the people that made up my past (the psychiatrist lost his license after a year or so of me meeting him, and referring all my friends to him as well who were all diagnosed and prescribed the very same as me...I mean what was he doing?!). My now ex-husband and I each took 3 percodans before walking down the aisle! Now there's a foundation for intimacy :rolleyes: .

Oh, and I had to quote you on tiddlywinks as I thought I was the only one on here who would remember them! I still have mine :D , got them out of Trix box of cereal!

Thank you for stirring up some much-needed recall, I truly had put those people and those thoughts so far away, and it was 23 years ago, but I think there's some "heady" stuff mixed in there I should address as far as how I got to where I am. Enabling pharmacists and doctors, it was truly a different time in the days of disco and heavy metal. The Who or Led Zeppelin was the question of the day and had replaced the age-old one of The Beatles or The Stones. My goal was to get to NY and go to Studio 54...now tell me, did you ever go there? Did you ever want to? I'd love to hear a story about that hay-day...

Gotta go, but have more to talk to you about of "Colorful Colorado!" I wondered if you'd ever skiied here? I lived in the ski town of Breckenridge (about 20 miles from Vail) for a year in 1986, it was a blast! (My husband and I were separated and I moved up there...it was so cool, and once again, oh, the drugs...everywhere, sigh) I am thinking as I type this about the people and just the "times" you know, the way things are in each decade and how it affected my addictive personality and how timing is everything and how very much time has passed and it took me so very long to change. But as you said, we are still young! To be 47 and 57 now is not like it was in our parents' day. Besides, look at these crazy stories I can never tell my children. Well, not yet anyway... ;)

Love you,
Dallas Alice