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I have been wearing underwire support bras for the past 6 years thinking I was doing something good to support my breasts. (Background: I am full-figured & have fibrocystic breasts.)

Two weeks ago I began having a deep chest cough from a cold & a week into coughing I felt I had cracked a rib, the pain under my left breast was so severe! The right breast was just a little bit sore but nothing like the pain under the left breast. From one day to the next it seemed it was getting better, then I sneezed & oh my God! The pain was so severe I went to ER 6 days ago. They took a chest xray to rule out pneumonia. No pneumonia detected. I was told I possibly had coughed so much & so hard that I had irritated my chest muscles, was given Demerol & Fenegran for pain & sent home.

The pain seemed like it was getting a little less, then today I woke up & it seemed more painful. The cough has since almost cleared up completely. But the pain remains & I noticed the left breast is warm to the touch while the right breast is noticeably cooler.

Now about the underwire bras....(sorry it's taking me so long to get to my point)....have any of you read or experienced pain due to wearing underwire bras? I'm wondering if this set me up for the pain that my coughing flared up. And is there any studies showing underwire bras can lead to breast cancer?

Thanks & hugs!

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