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I am writting this post hoping it helps at least one other person. When I first started suffering I found researching information and hearing other people's stories helped me so much.

Chapter 1. What's Wrong With Me?

It was the end of June 2004 and I started having pains in my chest. The pain was centered in the right side and was also squeezing in the center. It started out harmlessly enough, just enough to be irritating. I went to my internist who immediately ordered an EKG, blood panels and proceeded to grill me on what I was feeling. Blood pressure fine, no obvious problems. Good news, those tests came back negative, so more tests were ordered. Meanwhile the pain continued in my upper right side chest. No pneumonia, pleurasy, no problems in the lungs, ultrasound on the gallblader looked good, even a blood test for a pulmonary embolism turned up negative. I was told Go home and REST, take it easy for a few days and see if it clears up, if not come back lets look further.

Chapter 2. Take Me to the Emergency Room!
Time passed and I continued to feel the same. It had been three weeks since I first went to the doctor. My husband and I decided to have a nice Saturday evening out, we went to dinner, a movie, and home for a good night's rest. It's 4:00 a.m. and I waken in an excruciating, bone chilling pain. In my shoulder, my chest, my should blade, and down my whole right arm. I can't breath, I start to hyperventilate. I tell my husband we have to go to the emergency room, something is very wrong.

We get to the emergency room, they see I am in distress. I am immediately ushered to the back where they try to assess what is wrong. I am put in a room and a doctor comes in, talks to me, looks at my chart and decides I am having some type of muscle spasm! A nurse brings in a shot, first a muscle relaxer, no relief. A second shot arrives its demerol, I feel it go in my arm, but the pain continues. Ten minutes later another shot arrives, this time it is a double dose, still no relief. Finally after another ten minutes of me crying and practially climbing on the ceiling, they give me morphiene. I tumble to a light sleep. I awaken in about half and hour and my husband is standing over me telling me we have a script and can go home to wait to see my doctor.