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To All,

Some of you have raised question that I should have addressed in the original post. Walter is going to be cared for at home. I have thus far declined hospice care. The experience we went through with my grandfather's hospice was less than pleasant althought that was a good eight years ago. Walt has expressed his desire to be near our children and to have as much normalcy in their lives as possible for as long as possible.

Walt is still convinced that things are going to turn out for the best. He is determined to beat the cancer and recover from the stroke, his motto, "If the VC didn't get me, cancer won't either." I wish I had his faith. So far he has said that he does not feel any severe pain related to his cancer, the majority of pain is in his legs and is stroke related from what we can tell. He take shots of Demerol and some booster pills throughout the day and functions fairly well on them. The man is functioning better like that then I do with a migraine headaches, which I have been getting with increasing frequency.

As to the hospital equipment, the doctors told us we will need to get a hospital bed with a soft mattress, a bedside toilet, IV stand and as times goes on O2 tanks and such.

I took Cheryl advice and asked him what he dreamt about last night. He told me he had two dreams. One was a nightmare about Nam, he's had those for years, and the other was about me and the kids. We were all on vacation in Virginia, a trip we planned to take this August and still hope to if his health permits. He seems determined to want to do that.

He still seems ticked at me for that if you want to let go it's okay thing and Mom still says she does not see me as a widow in the near future, but mom's intution cannot argue with medical data. My mother is extremely religious woman as is my husband and they both thought he should take a trip to Lourdes, France and send a petition to the Blessed Virgin there. I say why tax his strength taking either trip, fight as hard as he can as long as he can, then relax and let go.

The doctor predicts that Walt will be release from the hospital sometime around the 15th. He says he'll be released before that as it is Father's Day. He is so stubborn sometimes for his own good.

I will keep you all posted on his situation. He says he can't wait to get back on here and show everyone how well he's doing. If only I thought he wasn't kidding himself.

Question - Did any of your husbands/fathers/brothers/ pull the "I'm fine" routine with you while the suffered in silence? Is Walter's positive outlook more of a detriment than a help? Should I try and make him see the reality or let him go on with the ideas of health he currently posesses? Any suggestionson these feel free. I'm open to all.