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Sorry it's been a while. The surgery went OK. I did not want to start breathing on my own so I ended up spending a couple of extra days. The pain control at the hospital was beyond pitiful. Because of the breathing problems I was told not to hit the pain pump button or they would not be able to give me a muscle relaxant. I could not even raise my hands without extream pain. The staff had not set a minium dose release on the pump so I was getting NO pain meds. When my blood pressure shot through the roof my husband started calling the nurse. It took one hour for her to show up in the room. By then my husband had also called my doctor. Anyway, whatever pain mediation they had in the pump had no effect on my pain. It took about another hour to get the pharm to allow demerol to be shot into my IV. They will not allow it to be used through the pump for some reason. So 8.5 hours post surgery and through the longest night I can remember I finally got pain meds and muscle relaxants. After that I was so drugged up I don't remember coming home. :) I am having horrible nightmares about not being able to breath and I can't wake up. I am hoping these will pass.

Home recovery is going very well, I woke up feeling pretty good this morning. I would love to venture out for a walk today but it looks like about 8 inches of snow already. I am going longer without pain meds and changed to a weaker muscle relaxant. The doctor said I have so much hardware I don't need to wear the collar any longer. YEAH! I go Monday to get the staples out. No one told me how much they itch!!! I think this surgery will work.

I hope you are doing better. Have the nerve treatments given you help? Take care and let me know how your treatment is going.