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Yesterday I read in a thread here that someone got in a debate at an NA meeting regarding suboxone vs cold turkey, the CT guy stating something like sub users get of easy, they are still users and that somehow people who go cold turkey are better than those who go the suboxone route........

OK so where does everbody stand on this issue. My stance is this: Whatever works for you is the best way. I, have gone CT 2x in the last 30+ years and now I am on suboxone and I can honestly tell my self that I know I will never use again, somehow the sub got me thinking straight, where the CT left me in a deep depression both times for many months. I can't say for sure what will happen when I taper off the sub, but I have never felt this feeling of "victory" that I have now.

My history... briefly.... when I was 20 I was in a bad accident, I feel 50ft in a rock climbing accident. I suffered compound fractures of my left femur, jaw and right heel. Closed fractures of both arms and 2 ribs, a punctured lung and a dislocated hip. yes, I am lucky to be alive..thank God no head or spine injuries. Many months in the hospital in traction. Once stabilzed, I was given demerol for pain, and at one point they had to add more weight to my traction (left femur) the pain built up to the point where it was more than excruciating. They gave me morphine, instantly I got that lovely warm safe feeling.....I also knew instantly that I was hooked.....the morphine was only administered for 3 days.....back on demerol, which was now Ok for the pain......being in the hospital for over 3 months I learned how to manipulate my meds, some nurses would give me the shot sooner than they should have, I even would get the shot in the middle of the night and an extra seconal for sleeping......so, I am taken out of traction, put in a lower body cast and sent home, I asked my orthopedic surgeon "what about my pain meds?" he said "Read alot" I was floored, of course my parents went along with his advice and there I was shivering, sweating, puking and oh boy in pain like crazy, well I guess I earned my badge of honor.......2nd time Ct in college and after (early to mid 70's) drugs were everywhere and I just happened to fall in love with H. Long story short 6 year addiction led to 2nd cold turkey, great another badge of honor. Fast forward to 2002 or 3, living the good life kids gone (put 2 through college, thats a real badge of honor) wife and I exercising together, total health nuts, no drinking...clean as can be.. then I needed some dental work......Hydros!! only 24 though...well I heard you can get them online, 4 sources and 2+ years later 20 some a day, I turned to suboxone, and for the first time in my life I feel that I have beaten this demon once and for all. No more "chasing the poppy" so I give myself a "Badge of Honor"

Thanks all for listening to my rambling .......God Bless