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I have a close family member that is deathly allergic to Morphine so would it be fair to say that I would be too? Is there a test I can be given to find out before I have my major surgery in July?

What about Demoral? I've heard that Morphine and Demoral are closely related?

The type of surgery I'm having is the surgon is basically breaking my face well just about everything but my nose and re-aligning it and I'm really not looking forward to having T3 as the surgons only drug of choice?

Is it even safe to mix T3 or T4 and Demoral?


There is a thing called a "skin test" where a small amount of the drug is injected directly under the skin.....if it bubbles, you are allergic..I had this done for Keflex..an antibiotic as I am alllergic to penicillen.....it worked for me....ask your Dr about it.....I have never heard a correlation between Morhine and demerol....Talk to the anethesiologist and voice your concerns.....Kahlia
I am allergic to morphine and have had demerol several times with no problems. Some people hallucinate on demerol. I tend not remember anything when I have had it mixed with valium. I had neck surgery 3/31 and was in the hospital 4 days and remember nothing, not even going home. Drugs can act pretty weird in different people. Good luck with your surgery.

Although Demerol and Morphine are both pain killers- they are in a totally different class of medications. Even though one of your family members is allergic to Morphine- does not mean that you are going to be. It is true that allergies can tend to run in a family-- but that doesn't mean that it will happen.
I am severely allergic to penicilling to the point of having an anaphylactic reaction to it. My son, however, has taken it several times and has never had a problem.
I know it is scary- but truly if you do find out that you are allergic to Morphine- it is best to find out in a medical setting where the medical personnel can quickly reverse the medication- as opposed to one day-- the possibility of you being prescribed a morphine related pain medication and taking it at home and then having a severe reaction.

Speedy Recovery on your surgery!