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This is how most colonoscopy procedures are performed: The day before the procedure, you begin a clear liquid diet. Usually about mid-afternoon, you take a laxative such as Fleets Phospho-Soda or Magnesium Citrate. Sometimes your doctor will prescribe Go-Lytely. At any rate, they all do the job. This, by the way is the worst part of this while procedure because once you drink the laxative, you have to remain close to a restroom once it kicks in!

You'll continue on the clear liquid diet until the time of your procedure. Colonoscopies are performed in an endoscopy room - not the operating room. You are asked to change into a gown, undressing from the waist down. You will be taken into a room and will lay down. A nurse will insert an IV into your arm and you will be given an intrvenous sedative (Usually Versed) and something like Demerol, for any discomfort you may have. This procedure should not hurt in any way so, if it does, just speak up and your doctor will give you something more. The Versed works very well, making you feel so groggy that you oftentimes cannot remember much of anything that happens after that at all. The doctor will pump your colon (gently) with some air and will insert a lighted scope into your rectum. If a polyp(s) is found and he is able to remove it at that time, then he will. After the procedure, you will be given some time for the Versed to wear off and, once you are able to use the bathroom and your head is clear, you will be discharged. A small amount of bleeding over the next couple of days sometimes occurs depending upon whether polyps were removed or not. Or, if you have diverticulosis/diverticulitis, the scope sometimes irritates the colon, causing some bleeding. Report any large amount of bleeding, or any bleeding that continues after a couple of days. If a biopsy was taken, you should be able to call your surgeon's office and be given those results within 2-3 days.

Please try not to worry about this. They will take very good care of you - especially since you are 18. You can resume your normal activities the very next day. You might have some gas and cramping over the next couple of days but it will pass.