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I'm not sure what you want to know. I had my entire left lung removed due to Stage IIIa NSCLC. Lately I've had pain in both sides of my chest when I take a deep breath. Has to be something other than the cancer cause it's on both sides and I only have a lung on the right side. A few weeks ago it was so bad I could not take a shallow breath. Went to the hospital, was admitted and given antibiotics and demerol IV. By the second day I began to feel better. While I was in the hospital they gave me a bone scan, MRI with contrast, CT with contrast, chest x-rays, deep vein compression tests in my legs, a bronchoscopy and the pulmonologist did several biopsys in my right lung (all of which came back negative), and a PET scan (which I told my surgeon (who wanted me to have it) to call if it's bad news otherwise don't worry about it. Now I wish I hadn't said that cause I wanna know what it showed. Anyway the diagnosis depended on which doctor was looking at me at the time. The ER doctor said it was pneumonia and the pulmonologist said bronchitis. Whatever, it hurt like nothing I've ever had before, including the surgery. My resistance to infection seems to be lower than before the surgery and I get short of breath relatively quickly, expecially in hot humid weather. I saw my last x-ray and my right lung has expanded to take over part of the work of the missing lung. It's also pushed my heart to the left and my esophogus looks like the curved drain pipe under a sink. I never had acid reflux before but I do now and take prilosec for it. I've gained all the weight I lost back plus 20 pounds. Did I help answer any question here? I hope so........oh, I do have some numbness on the underside of my right arm, which seems to be slowly going away.

Warm HugZ..........Becky :bouncing: