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:wave: hello shakorox, keep up the good work with the tapering. i believe darvocet, from what i have read and past experiences, is more related to the codeine family. it is not nearly as strong as vicodin but still is a narcotic. for people who never take pain pills, darvocet will work wonders. BUT for those of us who use oxy, percs, vics, --darvocet is weak. ultram is not classified as a narcotic but should be. ultram is becoming highly abused. there are alot of antidepressants to avoid if one is taking ultram.

i was given strong narcotics for when my back flares up and found ultram to work great. but seeing how i am a narcotics addict i can't have any pain pills and take them the way i am suppose to. also, from reading people's posts on different websites about being addicted to ultram, they say the w/d's are just as bad as any other narcotic. some doctors say it is not addictive but they have no clue. \

i am in a similar situation with not knowing what to do about when we really need pain medicine. i have a toothache, i am suppose to get these steroid injections in my back and also start pain management because of disc herniation and degenerative disc disease. i am scared to go to any of the appt's because i know every single place will hand out medicine especially pain management. so for now, i am dealing with the pain. i have said no once to pills but i am still in very early stage of recovery (day 10 CT) and don't really want to put myself in the position to have a script just handed over to me.

also about surgery, i had to have surgery when i was at my worst with the addiction. taking 10 demerol a day and no telling how many methadone, percs, vics. i didn't tell anyone about my addiction. well my tolerance was so high, they gave me 50mg demerol/25 phenergan before surgery in my IV and it didn't phase me. just made me feel good. they couldn't believe i was still awake. then when i came out of surgery i was in severe pain and they ended up giving me 2 more of the 50mg dem/25 phen. then they tried sending me home with tylenol #3's HAHAHAHAHA

so im not sure what to do about seeing the surgeon. if you have quit taking the opiates then your tolerance will go down tremendously. if you have to have surgery and haven't had opiates in awhile then you should be fine with the meds he gives you. but i guess everyone is different and im no doc. maybe someone else will have some good info.

anyways, keep us posted. Have a great day!!! :bouncing: