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Some docs will put you under for a colonoscopy... definitely NOT for a sigmoid (no drugs, unless you are already taking your own Ativan to calm you). But there is no anesthesist in for a sigmoid, so NO drugs. You usually have the choice of being put out for a colonoscopy... in your case, I would do "conscious sedation." They give you a very fast acting benzo to relax you and put you in and out of sleep-- makes you forget too. Called Midazolam, and then also Demerol (narcotic). The combo puts you in a haze sleep or as it's officially called... Conscious Sedation.

They don't like to put people under who have lung ailments, as Ktee said, because, it's harder to wake them up. When you are put under, you have a breathing tube and all, and if you smoke or have bad asthma, it's just more difficult. Nothing impossible though. But for an elective procedure especially, they prefer you to stop smoking and make sure your asthma is under control. For you it is since you are what they call COPD, but are well controlled. I would just clarify with your gastro to tell him you want conscious sedation.

Good luck,
Well, over 40 years of smoking, asthma and tired lungs - but I was put out at my request. It was a combination of Demerol and a short acting anesthic drug, and I'm here to post about it. I too was worried that maybe I would be denied because of my old lsmokers lungs and asthma, but he seemed to know what to to. He, the doctor, did a fine job, I slept out two scopes - colon and gastro. Check it clarify your concerns. If you can sleep it out why be a hero/heroine.

My experience may not apply to all, but it certainly is worth checking out with your doctors. :bouncing: