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I DON'T LIKE that you were in so much pain. THERE WAS NO NEED FOR THAT. They can DEFINITELY give you enough Demerol and Midaz for you to drift to sleep-- No matter what the pain level. What do you mean they couldn't give you anymore? Was your breathing suppressed???????????WHAT THE HELL??? Sometimes they need to push on your abdomen during the procedure to alleviate some discomfort and allow the scope to go around the corner. But your idiot MD missed half of your transverse and your Ascending/Cecum/Appendix.

I would DEFINITELY be going back in for another scope. Though I don't know if I would use this idiot. Haley... it doesn't and shouldn't be like that. This is why I didn't prepare you for this... the only thing I normally advise is if you are "uncomfortable" ask for more drugs. Oh, I am sooo pis$ed off!! And feel badly for you... you waited for this procedure, only to have an incompetent idiot do it! Oh, Haley, I can't tell you how ANGRY and sympathetic this makes me hearing this.

One last question, are you on narcotics for other pain??? If so, you should have been put out with Propofol anyway, and your IDIOT Gastro should have KNOWN THIS. I feel sooo badly for you.

Rest up and recover.
Warmest Regards,
cartman and all

Had my colonsocpy June 27 = I said I wanted to be out - OUT. They started with Demerol and then a short acting anasethic drug of some kind - heck I barely had time to object abour the freezing for the gastro scope (got both ends done hahahahah) and I was gone. Woke up all done...... the only side effect is no memory heck its so bad anyhow didn't know the difference. OH ASK about Picosalax for the prep... it was easy to take and easy doing its job. I was my doctor's second patient prepping with Picosalax and he didn't seem to mind .... sorry for those who had a horrible time, but the way to go is - O U T! like a light.