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So glad you will try again.

The prep is called Picosalax. It tastes a little like tang. Water is done over 3 hours, so you're not bloated. It does it job well, I had no urgent rush to the throne room, but I also recommend zincofax to keep from getting sore. It's becoming a more recognized prep, and I'm told many of our Toronto Ontario hospitals use it exclusively now.

I was O U T for the whole thing, gastroscopy and colonoscopy. Started with demerol, then added another knock out something - they told me the name, and when they told me said I would forget it - byproduct of the drug. Both did their job. I was woozy and minus a memory for about an hour, but my daughter and grandaughter had good fun laughing at me when I kept saying I had to go to Xray, about 13 times after I had already been to Xray. No other side effects that I know of, at least I think there are no other side effects that I remember. No other side effects that I - Oh said that didn't I?

The apprehension about prepping at home was perhaps 75% of my stress. After the first downing of Picosalax - apprehension vanished, and I put some readers digests in the bathroom - wow Bob's your Uncle, Fanny's your Aunt - all done!