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I am scheduled for a colonoscopy Aug. 8. I have to have Versed instead of Demerol. My question is about the difference between these two drugs.
I had a gastro scope a few years back using Versed and I have a very faint memory of the tube being removed. It's not a bad memory, but I do remember.
My husband has had many colonoscopies using Demerol and says its done and over without any discomfort. BUT, several times, while he is in the recovery room he has mentioned "feeling it". I know I'm being a wimp but I am scared. I will go through with it however, cause I'm most concerned with knowing if everything is as it shoud be. My half sister was recently diagnosed with a cancerous polop.
Do they put you under more for the gastro? And does Demerol work better than Versed?

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Typically, Demerol and Versed are used together. Demerol is a narcotic, and Versed is a very fast acting Benzodiazepine (like valium, but much faster acting and has the side effect of letting you forget your experience). So, having Versed will be great... it will make you VERY loopy... you'll probably go to sleep, and forget the whole thing! If you are feeling ANTHING uncomfortable, ask for more versed... they can definitely hike up the dose without danger.

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I've had 5 colonoscopies and have always had a combo. of Demerol and Versed. The Versed, which I call "joy juice" will ease your anxiety, while the Demerol is what really knocks you out and makes your forget the whole thing is taking place.
Wmk is correct... the cocktail together is a great combo... but remember, midazolam, or Versed is used for stressful situations and is the agent that makes you forget things. The Demerol aids in pain and putting you to sleep. Since you can't have both, I'm sure loading up on the midaz will give you quite the loopy feeling, and you shouldn't remember a thing.

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Gues I for got to mention that I had an allergic reaction to demerol when I had my gallbladder removed. My pulse rose to 146 and I had difficulty breathing soooo I don't want to go there again.
Is there anything else that can be used with the Versed?
You guys are all such a comfort and it's great how you encourage us all through this while dealing with your own problems.
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