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First of all....congrats on your progress so far, you are doing AWESOME!!! :bouncing:

Be honest with them at the Hospital, you can ask for Toradol, it is wonderful and Non Narcotic, it does come in tablet form, BUT, you can only take it for 5 days MAX, it really does a number on your kidneys and in high doses or prolonged use, can lead to renal failure, or so my Dr explained to me...

I kicked a rather large and lengthy Lortab habit, for my recent surgery, I was totally honest with my Doc, after surgery, he did use demerol for pain, but he took the normal one shot every 4 hours and halfed that dose and then gave me a shot every two hours, so actually I got a quarter dose every two hours...not sure the reasoning behind that but it worked for me, didn't take the pain away but made it bearable...he did send me home with toradol, one tablet every 6-8 hours for pain, a 5 day supply, I took them for 2 days and switched to advil...

Hope this helps?

Angel :angel: