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That's great Tina,you have a great doctor there.If your taking methadone for chronic pain then your on the best one.Methadone as you know has a very long half life and that's why we don't need to take handfulls every couple of hours.There is nothing wrong with taking narcotic pain killers for legitimate pain.I started out taking demerol for my back pain after surgery.I loved the way it made me feel and I chose to abuse them.My dad has been a member of AA for almost 40 years so I knew what I was doing but I used the back pain to legitimize it.So after 22 years of taking demerol,oxycontin and then morphine I found methadone.All the other pills I had such a tolerance for that they didn't work.I was taking 3 000mgs of morphine eeveryday when I got on methadone.Now 3 years later I don't abuse anymore all I take is my methadone every moring like a good boy lol........Dave :)