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First let me start by saying that I have been addicted to opiates for about 6 years give or take. I have been through numerous withdrawals, and plenty of do-it yourself detoxes. I have come to find after much trial and error and plenty of internet scouring time that Imodium works quite well when taken in sufficient quanities to relieve most withdrawal symptoms, in my case most of the problamatic ones. I have messed with and gotten clean from numerous different prescription opiates. The worst being Methadone. I am currently withdrawing from Tylenol 4 . I am on day 2. I started taking the Imodium last night on hour 24 with no opiates. Slept fine, no achy joints or bones, nothing other than being sore in my back. Day 2 and took some more imodium nothing yet feel alright. Now the active ingredient in Imodium is loperamide which is a derivative of Demerol. So Imodium is an opiate. It does not cross the blood-brain barrier so it will not get you high or releive pain. But none the less the chemical binds to the opiate receptor so it will get rid of withdrawals when taking in sufficent quanity. For me that was 14 of the 2mg pills so far every 12-16 hours. I have read others on more potent pain killers needed between 24-40 at a time to releive W/D's. It is safe to take in these quanities. It will bind you up but not more than othe opiates would. Google it works. look up loperamide.