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Thanks for all the info and support, I know that everyone here knows what Im going through, just as I too can relate. I have lost a lot because of this addiction. I was married to a state trooper, and was a 911 dispatcher for 6 years, You would think that working for Law Enforcement would stop you from using or at least put fear in you, but it just made it easier, all the cops I worked with were also on them, I got the majority of my pills from them. I would also get them from the jail med room. I made friends with the ER doctor and was getting shots of 50mg demerol every other day.
After my divorce, I slowed to some degree, them got remarried, he started taking the pills with me, and now he is in the same boat I am in eating several a day. This morning I only took 2 lorcets, to keep the withdrawls at bay, I have two more for tomorrow. I am going to try and taper myself, because Marcia you are right, I have to want to do this, no intervention is going to help me obviously. I am only 24. I have my entire life ahead of me, I am a very smart girl with a bachelors degree in communications, a 3 month old son whom I adore, and a husband that also wants to stop. Thanks for all your advice!!