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Hi Annie. CancerDad is right on. The CT scan is pretty specific in what it can tell -- my mom had a tumor detected on CT and the CT was pretty specific about it. I think it even noted, 'solid mass on ascending colon, thickening of colonic wall, suspicious for malignancy," or something like that, and they were right on.

So try and relax -- I know easier said than done. And feel very lucky it's going to be out soon. The colonoscopy is a piece of cake. Ask for Versed and Demerol. You won't know a thing! I just had one a few weeks ago and it was easier than a trip to the dentist. I had a sessile polyp removed. I was pretty nervous too as my mother has colon cancer. But it was such an easy procedure I know I won't even be nervous next time.

Good luck and please do post and let us know.