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Hey thank you so much for readin and responding :angel: i appreciate it very much :) Shingles has been ruled out by more then 1 doctor in fact all 6 that i have seen has said its not shingles amen to that ...1 thing off the list ...and a billion other possibilites the last hospital trip they took 6 viles of blood ..and told me that 2 of the 6 came back negative ...for what ever they tested for ... i was to out of it to ask what they tested for ....on demerol but still having alot of pain......plus i didnt have a family member with me at the hospital as my back bone ... to ask question and such.Im still waiting for word on the other test that they did that night/very early morning :eek: ...As for the dentures ive had both upper and lower since May 20, 2005 so unless ive developed and allergy in the past little while ...witch to be honest i wouldnt put it past ME Considering ive developed quite a few allergies in my adult years such as Tree nuts and many other types of nuts ,cats ,Codine .and perkesets .I m not sure that im having a allergic reaction to the 50 mg of demerol upto 4 x a day that ive been prescribed .. i dont think its is I have made an appointment to see a dermatologist and my allergist i m try gunna and get reffered to ENT in my area :) cause i cant figure out y my eyes hurt and the bone around them