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Dear Jane thankyou for writing me at least someone did :) , Im sure my post is way too complicated for anyone to look at, but any reply is better than no reply. Hope your staying well. I personally called radiology finannly talk to the head radiology nurse there aftrer 20 minutes of the run around, she explained evyerhting and asnwered every question I had, nice woman very calm person, she will be part of the team doing the myelo. Im hgaving it done on Tuesday so will start my steroids and benedryl the night before, I cant lay flat on stomached becaue of bilateral diprhagm paresis so they will use Quad pads to position me better. I will have Versed she let me choose and its one Ive used before and demerol if I need it, she also said because I cant intake tons of fluids she is hooking me up IV also to fluids . She said if anything they use less iodine contrast (water based type) then they do for my full angiograms OR my CTAs (ct angios) for my anyerusms. then they keep me flat with head about 30% up after CT part is finished.

Thanks agaain, I will TAke ANy Prayesr and or good thought to comee mty way on Tuesday, Im so ill right now and hopfing they will see good resluts for this.