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Just found the board...thought I'd bounce :bouncing: some stuff off you guys!

Sorry this is long and drawn out but...

First a lil history, we lost my Mom to Colon Cancer last June. She was diagnosed and started Chemo in August 04.

It all started with an irritated spot on her lower left abdomen, no blood in her stool or any other symptoms. When the Doc went in to get it he found a large mucinous tumor that had mastisized (sp?) throughout her abdomen. Doc said he got all he could find and was confident Chemo would get the rest. Not so much.

About the time all this started I thought about the fact that I have had a little blood in my stools off and on for probably 10 years or more, I always just attributed this to hemmoroids and didn't think twice about it until the other day. I had been having a sharp pain in my lower right abdomen that gave me a twinge every now and then...until last Sunday...it was so bad and every few minutes, that I had to go to the ER. They did a CT, blood work and Urinalysis. All came back negative except the rectal, it came back positive for blood...surprise.

They sent me home wasted on Demerol and said to go see my Doc. When I did yesterday he sent me immediately to a Gastro Doc who scheduled my Colonoscopy for Monday.

OK...I know I'm an idiot for not addressing this sooner especially with my Moms problems...and I realize that it is probably a polyp that may, or may not, be cancer.

I'm trying not to panic as our loss is still pretty fresh and I don't want to upset my wife or kids but I am really concerned.

Anybody else had a similar situation?

Seriously appreciate the feedback and PLEASE don't pull any punches I need to hear all the good and bad!