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Hey Kim...sorry to hear your hubby is being so incredibly insensitive. When I was living back at my parents' house I was stealing my Mom's Percocet, Vicodin, Demerol, etc right from her purse every day without ever thinking twice about it. Finally she confronted me about the pain pills and boy was I ashamed. She told me she would never keep another pain pill in the house ever again. There was a time she would keep hers and my Father's scripts right out in the kitchen and I never gave them a second glance. Then there became where I would salivate at the very sound of a pill bottle, regardless of what it was.
I wish your hubby would take into consideration ALL you have been through in your effort to get and stay clean and realize that 3 weeks is a short time to be clean(although so absolutely wonderful for you!). Some people just don't understand the seduction of a prescription bottle for some. Like I am sure you can keep a bottle of Vodka in the house or some Bailey's or whatever and not even think twice about it. You know what I mean? Maybe you should try to give that analogy to your hubby...would you wave a bottle of Jack in front of a recovering alcoholic, just because they didn't have a drink in 7 months.
Okay I am done rambling. I just get upset at people who don't understand addiction for what it really is...it is so complex.