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No, there is no drug that counteracts suboxone. If you are having a planned surgery they will just tell you to stop taking it a day in advance, and then give you extra pain meds. If it's an emergency type surgery, you have to hope you get a sympathetic doctor who knows about suboxone.
I recently had a colonoscopy done...They told me to not take my sub the day of the procedure. The doctor told me afterwords he had to give me more Demerol than any other patients he has ever preformed one on to get me through it...they use the drug versed which basically causes amnesia but you're not fully out, so apparently he could tell i was in pain. Plus my bowels are raw from constipation from opiate use...diverticulitus, which probably many opiate users have.

And you can most definitely get high while using suboxone....I had many slips early in my treatment...you just have to take a much higher dose, and in doing so risk overdosing...It's the other way around that is a problem...if you start taking suboxone while you have too much opiates in your system, you will go into what they call precipitated with drawls, which are basically with drawls x 10....really bad!

But eventually even fools like me realize it's not worth those little slips because you pay the price getting back on the sub...I haven't slipped since last summer and really don't think I will again. Counseling had something to do with that too, and some time under my belt not high so i could really think clearly. Tomorrow I drop to 1.3 mg of sub! Almost there!!