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My story in a nutshell-

I have been taking ultram/vicodin off and on for several years. My ex-husband was a RN who lost his license for stealing demerol. I never took that though, I wanted something to give me the "high" not the "low."

I filed for a divorce a few years ago and was clean. I had some medical issues so my doctor started giving it to me again. And that was all it took. So this bout has been for the better part of this year. I can say one thing (I know many people will agree with me here), ultram was more difficult for me to get off of than vicodin. I tapered for a few days then went CT. I felt bad for many days, but then each day is getting better. Today was a bad day (mentally) but I am good. I am physically stronger than I have been in a long time and sometimes just so happy I could cry. Years ago my habit was worse, but this bout I was taking up to 10-15 ultram per day.

Anyway, if I can do it then anyone can. I also did it all without missing one day of work (even though for a few days I didn't get much done). Even last week I worked about 50 hours. I wish you the best. Just start taper, then you will slowly feel better.