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I never intended to draw SS AND SSDI. I doubt if that is legal anywhere. Let me try this from another angle....

Mz Migraine, of course you are right, no "double-payments" allowed. That was not what I am clumsily trying to say.

Kissa, I am new to disability, but I thought disability awards were tax free.
Silly me, I should have known better.

If I finally win the SSDI case, they will owe me SSDI money from the date of the award back to May 8, 2006, the original date I applied. That is my back payment. After I am awarded my SSDI, I will continue to draw it...until I die I guess.

Before I was disabled, I had planned on drawing the reduced amount starting at age 62. If I apply at age 62 and start drawing the smaller monthly amount,
and then I win the SSDI award at a later date I will get the SSDI back payment minus ANY money paid me during that period by Social Security.

snowmelts, I have NO idea about things changing automatically at age 62 or age 65.

You have been very nice to me as I struggled to ask this question. It makes me realize I should go back to reading here in the forums. The morphine and demerol have my brain working at about half speed. Again, thank you very much for your help.....Dave