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I know that this is three years later, but I thought I'd mention my experience... In 1995 I was dealing with a neck strain (ongoing problem for years) and was about to start physio. The pain was so bad that I took a muscle relaxant when I got home from work. Took another when I went to bed. Woke up in the middle of the night with "electrical charges" running through my body. Went to emerg and they told me (after 3 hours) that it was only a muscle spasm, gave me a shot of demerol and sent me home. Couldn't sleep, could only get comfortable face down on a pillow in the middle of the floor. Called the doctor I worked for and told him I would not be in. Went to my family doc and she said it was a muscle spasm, told me I seemed anxious... gave me anti-anxiety pills and told me to rest. Called my sister (she's a nuclear radiologist) and she told me to get to a neurologist STAT! He told me I had a problem at C6-7 and arranged an appointment with a neurosurgeon. The neurosurgeon tested me and told me that I could wait two weeks for a CT Myelogram (MRI would have taken longer... I live in Canada). Also tried to get my husband to believe that the problem was in my head. When the neurologist found out (2 days later) that the surgeon had NOT performed the proper tests he admitted me to the hospital and found out I had a 40% spinal cord compression... thanks to my disck slipping out and smashing it. Anyway, I found my own neurosurgeon (thanks to my sister) and had a fusion a few days later. I've also had another fusion (2001) as well as a plate and 4 screws put in. Still having trouble as C4-5 is being compressed now. Apparently the more you fuse, the more pressure goes onto the remaining discs. I'd love to find out more about the artificial discs but there's only one doctor (London, Ontario) in Canada that performs them. Good luck!