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I too am in Arizona and while dry moving to a dry climate isn't always a real treatment plan. It all depends on what the MRI findings show (everyone has different causes, impingements, etc). So moving won't necessarily change your symptoms.

When my neck symptoms first appeared in 9/2003 I did have Epidural Steroid Inections (ESI) and they did work and the positive effects lasted for nearly 2 years. The way mine were done was one injection every 2 weeks - with a series of 3 injections. In 2006 my symptoms came back and did not react as well to the ESI and since I still had pain I ended up having a fusion. I am so glad I did so as it alleviated the pain and incapacitation of the nerve impingement.

I would have done the ESI continuously (my pain management physician said he could do one set of 3 injections every 6 months) as the injections were easy to undergo and less invasive than surgery. The injections were painless and simple to undergo. I would arrive, an IV was started, situated on a table for the injections and then would recieve demerol and versed in the IV. I never even knew what happened, the next thing I knew I was drinking juice in a recliner and would head home for a day of relaxation (versed makes you very sleepy and relaxed).

C5-C7 ACDF 5/2006 @ age 39