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So i have had this herniated disc with sciatic pain radiating in both of my legs....i have had two years of conservative treatment, no shots, they denied me, all i'm taking is flexeril and motrin, none of it is touching me, they wont give me demerol or toradol, nothing, just stretch and do minimal exercise. Well that isnt enough. So my last hope is surgery....i'm very scared and yet so eager to find out if i can or can't because this is my way of knowing if i will be staying in the Navy......they accepted me with my condition and thus since being in it has progressively increased, I used to be able to walk and run without pain, now i do EVERY DAY!!!!! thank you boot camp..... and yet i was told that i'm not going to get anything from the VA, no one cent. and yet i hear " oh they'll take care of you, dont worry" hmm. The only thing i havent tried yet is acupunture...
If anyone can give me advice, something that will help me!!!! That is what i need, i want this to be solved, its emotionally a toll on me. having doctor after doctor say there is nothing we can do for me. I just hope the neurosurgean doesnt say that if so, once i hear that i'm going to just leave.

Alex Heffelfinger, HA Navy