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Thank you for your post Steven. I have read some of your other posts and am aware of what you are going through. My heart goes out to you and everyone else who is dealing with this disease. I think the "waiting" has been the hardest on me. My surgeon won't be back in clinic until Tuesday, so I'm hoping to hear something then. It has been a week and two days since my surgery and I'm feeling stronger every day. The pain is diminishing and I am walking around more. My bowels have been a little sluggish but the stool softener seems to help. I think I am still in a state of shock over being diagnosed with colon cancer. I went to the doctor last August because I had blood in my stools and some abdominal pain. I thought I might have an ulcer. Well the doctor checked me out and told me I had an internal hemorhoid. I asked him for a referral to a gastro specialist, but I didn't get the card in the mail until April. By this time I had scheduled a complete physical with my family physician who told me to go ahead and call the gastro department and set up an appointment. I never saw a specialist. When I called the gastro department ( at Kaiser) I was set up with an appointment for a colonoscopy. That's the day I found out I had cancer. I was groggy from the demerol I had been given but I heard the doctor tell my husband that he had found a tumor and it would need to be surgically removed. We were devastated. All those months I thought I had a hemorrhoid and was dealing with it. I was never anemic and just kept going. The abdominal pain was never severe...just there and uncomfortable....way high up in the middle. In fact, it wasn't anywhere near the tumor. My tumor was way down in the sigmoid close to the rectum. I never felt a thing. The doctor told me that the blood in my stool was from the stool irritating the tumor as it passed through the colon. It was so low down that the blood was bright red, not black. This has been a real shock to my family as I have never been sick with anything and now I am the one who needs to be cared for. I don't like it...it's not the way it's supposed to be. Anyway, I am thankful for all the support my husband and children have given me as well as extended family, friends and neighbors. This message board is a big help too. God bless all of you!!