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If it was possibly micro-invasion would it have shown up during her autopsy? Or would just the major damage show up? I don't really know anything about micro-invasion. Is there any more you could tell me about it? I am also sure that there is nothing else that could have been done in my mom's case medically, however if only I would have known I could have prepared myself a bit! I am in my 30's now, and I am sure that the realization that I am not too far away from my late 30's has made me realize how young 39 really is! I just want it to all make sense so I understand how it happened!

I am sure you will be just fine! When will you be able to find out if all of the cells were destroyed? Don't let what happened to my mom worry you...we all know it isn't a common outcome at all!!!!!!! One word of advice that I learned from what my mother went through is to fight for your life. If you don't think the doctor is right, tell him. Don't just accept an answer that you don't agree with. My mom was having strokes and the doctor at the ER told her it was a sinus infection. She knew it wasn't and accepted that as an answer anyway. The doctor gave her a shot of demerol and sent her home. Two days later she had a larger stroke that affected her movement and speech. She never left the hospital after that.

Keep your chin up, fight for what you believe, and think positive!

Thanks for your advice!