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I am a 48 yo male. On Memorial Day 2007 I fell approximately 8-10 feet. I was unconscious for a while. When I awakened I realized my upper arm was broke and I suspected my ribs may be broke also. Once at the ER at a local hospital in Odessa, Texas the staff gave me tetanus vaccine shot, antibiotic and Demerol. X-ray confirmed the surgical head of the left humerus fracture. Initial recorded diagnosis we saw on paper was Joint Dislocation that was repaired in the ER. The recorded statement is false. The initial “specialist” felt it would heal ok with just the sling. Due to lies, bad bedside manners and overall poor initial treatment health care was sought elsewhere. We began seeing another very well bone/orthopedic group in Abilene, Texas. The x-rays showed an abnormal growth at the site of the break. A cat scan with and without medium was justifiably ordered. Almost 24 hours later I developed severe headaches, nausea, vomiting, profuse sweating, numbness in the lips and face, tachycardia, confusion, stupor, lethargic, extreme weakness as if cryptonite were around my neck, diarrhea, chest pain, tremors, shakes, chest rash, difficulty breathing as if I were being squeezed or crushed, dizziness, and I may have missed some other signs and symptoms.. The vomit taste as if I ate rust or some other type of metal. The great ER staff listened to what I had to say and due to their aggressive care I left the ER. This hospital is located south of Abilene towards Winter, Texas. W ether or not the contrast was the reason for the severe anaphylactic type shock is unclear. But the steroid of Solumedrol and the Benadryl turned me around. The next day I felt great. The following day I awaken with almost all of the same symptoms. Before sleep I did take the prescribed Lortab and Methylprednisolone with aspirin. Today on 08/17/2007 I am feeling the same as before except at present there is no tachycardia. Yesterday I really did not want to move or talk. By late evening until this am and present I really do not feel like moving very much. Currently I have severe pain at the break site with painful quivers and twitches at the arm pit. Could I have not only had an delayed adverse reaction to the contrast but now there is either a reaction to the meds due to a new hypersensitivity or the meds that helped have reduced their effectiveness and I need more Benadryl and Solumedrol? Could this also be the reason for any code blues on ventilated patients while receiving a CAT scan? Thank you.:eek: