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I went to the doc on 9/12/07 b/c I had been experiencing rectal bleeding. It was mainly bright red streaks of blood on my stools. Sometimes I would wipe blood, and once there was a little blood in the toilet water.

My doc (GP) didn't do any type of exam. She never even looked at me. She ordered a colonoscopy, which was done today (9/21/07).

My prep was:

The day before the procedure, clear liquids ONLY, and I was allowed to have Jello too. I didn't eat Jello, cuz I don't like it. Anyway, at 5pm, I drank 1.5oz of Fleets Phospho-Soda mixed in 8oz of flavored water. I got the ginger-lemon Fleets Phospho-Soda, and it wasn't too bad. Then I had to follow up with 8 MORE ounces of clear liquid. Then I had to take 2 Dulcolax tablets and drink 8 more ounces of water. I got a headache pretty quickly after drinking finishing the first part of my prep. Anyway, it took a good hour for it to work. I pretty much camped out on the john for awhile. My bm's were very watery. Instead of "wiping", I "patted". I was able to get out of the bathroom about 7:30pm. Then at 8:45pm, I was back in there, and I was back and forth til about 10:30pm. I then fell asleep on the sofa, then got up at midnight and went to bed. I still had a HORRENDOUS headache. My whole head felt like it would explode.

The next part of my prep began the next morning (which was today). At 6am, I had to mix another 1.5oz bottle of Fleets Phospho-Soda with 8oz of water, followed by another 8oz of water. Well it took about 10 minutes for it to start working. I had to be at the doc's office at 9am for my colonoscopy, and I was scared I wouldn't be done going to the bathroom, but it worked out. I went to the bathroom at least 10 times this morning before I left. I had a "pain" hit me on the way to the doc's, but luckily I didn't potty on myself, lol. I went to the bathroom twice more before they called me back.

So I get back there and get undressed. I was to remove all of my clothing (w/the exception of my bra, which they allowed me to keep on), and put on one of those lovely hospital gowns (opening in the back, of course). The nurse then came in and had me sign some consent forms. She asked if I had any questions, and I did. I was worried that I was going to have to go to the bathroom again. I asked what would happen if I still had "bms" that needed to be passed. Would I soil myself during the procedure? (Obviously, this was my first colonoscopy, lol.) She said no, they would just suck it out with the colonoscope. What a thing to imagine, lol. Anyway, at that point she started my IV. After about 15 minutes, I was wheeled into the procedure room. They put a blood pressure cuff on me and an oxometer on my finger. I waited there for 20 minutes. My nurse came in and brought me warm blankets, which was relaxing. Then the doc came in with another nurse. He asked what my symptoms had been, I told him, blah blah blah. He then explained what he was going to do, etc. The new nurse then explained that I would be getting Demerol and Versed thru my IV. I was like "Ok, get it goin'!" She told me to go ahead and turn over and lay on my left side. She then started the Demerol first, then the Versed. The next thing I knew, I was getting dressed.

My memory is VERY foggy. I vaguely remember getting dressed. I remember putting on my pants. I remember that they wheeled me out in a wheelchair. I remember that I drank some Ginger Ale. These memories are more like "snapshots" in my head. I do remember getting home. Everything else is kinda blurry. Thank God. My mother told me that one of the nurses told me that I needed to try to get rid of some of that air/gas, and at that point, I said "You don't have to look at my "tailpipe" do you?" Yes, I said that. Tailpipe. I love Versed b/c of the amnesia effect, lol. I'm glad I don't remember that hideous comment!!!

Turns out, I have internal hemorrhoids. Yay! No polyps or anything, thank goodness. The procedure was a walk in the park b/c I don't remember any of it. Thank God!!! It's true what they say about the prep being the worst. I never threw up or felt nauseous, but I sure pooped a lot, and the massive headache I had didn't help matters any.

The only thing I would've done differently is eat much lighter at least TWO days prior to the procedure. Like an idiot, I ate half of a large pizza on wednesday, so I guess I had a lot to "clean out". Next time, I'll eat MUCH lighter.

If you need a coloscopy, don't be afraid. It's not bad at ALL. Get it done b/c it can save your life. I'm a worrier, so when I read about some of the posts here of people my age (mid 30's and YOUNGER) being diagnosed w/cancer, I freaked out. I worried for nothing, but it's better to be safe than sorry. So for those of you worried about the procedure, don't worry! I read so many posts on here from people that would say that the procedure is really no big deal, but I just knew I'd be different. I just KNEW I would wake up during the colonoscopy, be conscious of what was going on, feel pain, etc. But I didn't, not that I know of, and that's all that counts. :)