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Hey Life lost, It actually hapened to me, My neighbor is a junkie and before his last trip to rehab he hit me for about 80% of my BT meds 4 days after I got it filled. I had basically enough to take one dose a day.

Fortunately I already new the answer. It's in my conttract that lost or stolen meds will not be replaced even with a police report. They look to me to keep my meds safe. So i did without but I did file a police report, they did dust and interview the scum bag but bottom line was he had been a guest in my home earlier that day. Obviously I didn't know what was going on as far as him being on his way out of town because his wife had tossed him for the 10th time. He spent the day waiting to get a chance and when we went to dinner he knew he could get in if he tried hard enough.

A big safe really is the only thing to be absolutely sure, but not everyone has the room or money for a safe large enough to ensure they won't take the safe.

As far as taking a beating over the meds, Hell no. If I think I can easily handle someone, I will defend myself and and pay for it later. However when a weapon is involved common sense dicates how to respond, nothing is worth dying over. I would rather go 3 weeks without meds than get stabbed or shot. I'm not in a body cast and don't feel like an easy victim. As far as the tweaker next store, He's down to about 105 and I would love to catch him in my house, I might even drag him a few yards so he is actually inside.

But it is a nightmare knowing if he tries hard enough, he can get in. I reinforced locks, use cut shims in the window to prevent removal, but the bottom line is, glass breaks and if someone wants in, they can get in. All you can do is make finding them and gettting them out as hard as you can imagine.

I hide and break up supplies so I don't get hit that hard. I made it through that month without telling the same story every addict tells their doc to get more. I couldn't have a better relationship with my doc but I wan't going to risk it by telling him I can't keep my meds safe in my own house and asking him to make an exception for me. I still remember going years without proper pain relief so a month of being undermadicated is nothing compared to taking the chance of being discharged just like the contract explains.

Of course I think they should make an execption for me, You couldn't ask for a more compliant patient. I think they should make an exception if someone was obviously injured in an attack, but trust me, addicts have injured themself to get meds. Addiction can drive someone to take a baseball bat to their own mouth and knock some teerth out for a shot of demerol in the ER and a handful of percs. There just isn't a scenario that some addict hasn't used including robbing the guy next stoor in a body cast. So where can a doc safely draw a line and truly know he isn't being scammed.

Good luck and I know the use of guns is contreversial, but as the saying goes, you better not pull it out unless you intend to kill someone. Most people killed by gunshot in their own home are killed with their own gun. I'm sure it makes a woman feel safer, but if your close enough to an attacker, it's not that hard to take a gun from someone that isn't completely comfortable squeezing that trigger and taking a life over pills.

Take care, Dave