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Most epidural injections are done on a 1-3 shot cycle. I'm in the midst of a cycle right now. I get a shot every two weeks - 3 shots total. I can repeat these in 6 months (you can do two cycles per year). In addition to the epidural injections I am also getting some scapular (shoulder) injections for where the pain is very strong.

From my perspective the shots are quite easy. I arrive at the surgery center after having fasted since midnight the night before. They take me back and for the first shot took some history information. Then they start and IV and I had a brief wait before I walked into the room where the injections are given. I laid down and as soon as I did they administered versed which is a sedative that not only calms you but you forget everything that happens during the procedure. Then they do the injection(s) and the next thing I know I'm sitting in the recovery area drinking apple juice. They observe me for about 30 minutes and then let me get dressed and go home. My husband drops me off the day of the shot and then as soon as it's done they call him to come pick me up. I go home and take a great nap (from the versed and demerol) and by afternoon/evening I'm fine. Maybe a little sore but functional, cooking dinner, etc.

My doctor is a board certified Anesthesiology and practices Pain Management medicine.

If the pain continues I would not reccomend a neurologist - but instead a neurosurgeon or an orthopedic spine surgeon.